Suspension bridges that connect places and people

Our passion is to create suspension bridges that not only connect places but also people. With extensive experience in producing, delivering, and assembling suspension bridges across the Nordic region, we can proudly offer solutions that combine high quality, durability, and discreet design. The bridges go beyond the practical; they are aesthetically pleasing and create harmony in both urban and natural environments.

Pajalabron – robust, flexible, and cost-effective

Pajalabron, vår signaturprodukt, är en prefabricerad hängbro som är konstruerad för att vara både snabb och enkel att montera – ofta på bara några dagar. Den robusta konstruktionen och flexibiliteten gör den idealisk för allt från strida forsar till djupa raviner, anpassad efter just dina behov. Att välja Pajalabron innebär att välja en kostnadseffektiv lösning som minskar behovet av omfattande platsarbete, sänker byggkostnaderna och samtidigt tar hänsyn till miljön.

We also have solid expertise in the design and manufacturing of other types of bridges, such as beam bridges for the industry.

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Bridges that bring you closer to nature

Our suspension bridges are safe and reliable, even under the tough conditions that the Nordic climate can offer. But more than that, our suspension bridges are about creating accessibility and opportunities. They allow people to explore and experience nature up close and contribute to bringing communities together. A suspension bridge also promotes pedestrian and bicycle traffic, making it a great choice for those who want to support a greener future.

How does it work?

The suspension bridges are fully customized to your needs. They can be varied in width, length, color, material, type of railing, and more. We can also assist you in preparing any necessary documents for building permits or financing applications. Contact us, and we will assist you.

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